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Pops for Pregnancy?

Therapeutic Lolly Pops. Can a lollipop help combat morning sickness experienced by pregnant women, or even the nausea associated with chemotherapy?

Candy Gift Ideas can't vouch for the effectiveness of this remedy, but a company is marketing specialty lolly pops sold under the name PreggiePop. These lollies come in unusual flavors like Ginger and Lavender, and are claimed to combat nausea. The PreggiePop people have plenty of testimonials from customers who say their nausea was banished by the unusual-flavored hard candy. We haven't seen any double-blind studies that verify these claims of lolly pop cures, but who can argue with the therapeutic benefits of a yummy lolly?

At Candy Gift Ideas, we think lolly pops are a great remedy to try for whatever ails you. We know that many people seek out "comfort foods" when they are down in the dumps, and what could be more comforting than a lollipop? It's sweet, it's round, it brings back childhood memories... and it lasts for a long, long time!

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