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Lollipops that Play Music!

This may seem like the most bizarre ever for lollipops, but according to an article in the Atlanta Constitution, a Japanese company has released a musical holder for lollipops!

The article identifies the the maker of the battery-operated holder for lollipops that plays music inside people's mouths as the same one that gave the world Tamagotchi virtual pets, Bandai Co. .

The toy is microphone-sized, looks something like an electric toothbrush, and is called Silent Shout. It plays a tune by vibrating a lollipop stuck into the device. A hip-hop tune is among the instrumental musical selections available on the lolly holder.

According to the article, these musical lollipops work by conducting sounds through the teeth. The sounds then echo into the inner ear, and will not disturb others in the area.

The toy costs about $10 in Japan. A similar device was introduced in the United States, by CAP Candy, a division of toy manufacturer Hasbro Inc.. Their device, called Sound Bites, also sends sounds through a lollipop into the inner ear.

Do you really want your lollipops to play tunes? Will it be a distraction from the peaceful enjoyment of a slowly-dissolving gourmet lolly, or will it enhance the experience? We can't say, but we are glad to see that the world of high tech has recognized the long term entertainment value of lollipops, and is working to enhance the experience even more. Until you get your own musical lollipop holder, of course, feel free to play the music selection of your choice while enjoying your lollies!



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