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Lollypop Person?

At Candy Gift Ideas, we were recently stumped by references to a British community trying to hire a "lollypop person". An article in the Hampshire Chronicle even mentioned "the county's failure to recruit and train lollypop people." While we have the utmost respect for our British cousins, we had no idea that they were so advanced! The thought of a community actually having one or more individual designated to see to the lollypop needs of the population - what a concept!

Further research, though, cooled our excitement a bit. In merry olde England, a "lollypop person" seems to be person who hold up a sign to permit children to cross a street. In other words, a lollipop person is what we colonials would call a crossing guard.

Nevertheless, the idea of a lollipop person was a real inspiration to us, even if the reality was less exciting than it seemed. We can keep hoping!

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