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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Godiva Valentines Day BoxValentine's Day gift ideas are easy when you think of the most versatile candy gift ever - Gourmet Chocolates, Chocolate Truffles, and other chocolate gifts!

A History of Valentine's Day from Candy Gift Ideas. Not much is known about the history of Valentine's Day, or St. Valentine's Day as it is more accurately known. It seems that February has been a romantic month going all the way back to both Christian and Roman traditions.

There are at least three different saints named Valentine recognized by the Catholic Church. The original Valentine may have been a priest serving the Emperor Claudius II in the third century in Rome. When the ruler decided that single men made better soldiers, he outlawed marriage for young, single men who made up his base of soldiers. Valentine did not heed this order, and continued to perform marriages in secret. When Valentine was found out, Claudius ordered that he be killed. Yet another story suggests that a prisoner named Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself. He fell in love with a young girl who visited him in prison. Before his death, he wrote her a letter, signing it 'From your Valentine.' From these slightly gruesome origins come the current holiday, in which lovers exchange candy gifts (not to mention other gift ideas).

Candy Gift Idea for Valentine's Day. Want to surprise someone you love? Don't want to put up with the perishability of flowers? At Candy Gift Ideas, we suggest you give a gift that will last longer than either, and be creative and original to boot: some type of candy, perhaps even Godiva chocolates!

We hope you enjoy visiting our Candy Gift Ideas web site. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to e-mail us!


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