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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day gift ideas are easy when you think of the most popular kind of gift - candy, and in particlar, Chocolate Gifts! Forget perfume, and don't even think about work-related gifts - who could resist a box of chocolate truffles? For an extra-special treat, think about a premium brand like Godiva chocolates!

A Brief History of Mother's Day from Candy Gift Ideas. We may think of Mother's day as being a modern celebration, perhaps even invented by the greeting card companies, but in fact its roots go far deeper. People in ancient times celebrated holidays honoring mothers, often in the name of a goddess. For example, the Greeks had a holiday in honor of Rhea, the mother of the gods; the Romans had a similar holiday honoring Cybele, a mother goddess. Later, in ancient Britain, the goddess Brigid (and her successor St. Brigid) were the subject of Mother's Day celebration. This was held in spring, and was loosely related to the first milk of the ewes for the season.

Today, Mother's Day is celebrated to honor of mothers and wives, and gifts are an essential part of the holiday. And what better gift idea is there than candy? And not just any candy, but delicious chocolate gifts?

Chocolate Gift Idea for Mother's Day. Want to surprise Mom on her special day? Need a clever idea for a mom you care about, like your wife or daughter? At Candy Gift Ideas, we suggest you give a gift that will be enjoyed by the recipients and shared with their friends - yummy gourmet chocolates!

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