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Every business has a time when it wants to give gifts. It could be a seasonal holiday, a company anniversary, a "thank you" to good customers... whatever the occasion, candy gifts are great corporate gift ideas!

Is Candy a Good Corporate Gift Idea? There are thousands and thousands of gift ideas facing the business buyer - many of them are office-related, like fine pens, portfolios, desk accessories, and so on. There's nothing wrong with these kinds of business gifts, and they can generate long-term advertising.

One drawback, though, is that most of them can't be shared. An executive receiving such a gift will probably keep it in his office or take it home. An even bigger drawback is that a large percentage of these corporate gifts never get used at all - the business person probably already has several of whatever the gift is, and if it's not exceptional it will likely end up in a drawer or closed.

Candy makes a great corporate gift idea because it's easy to share (if the recipient wants to) - the person who receives the gift can open it and make it available to everyone in the office. The business gift giver can take satisfaction in bringing a smile to the faces of many people in the office, and the recipient gets credit for being generous, too.

Making Your Candy Gift Work For Your Business. Corporate gift buyers often choose a logo accessory because they feel it will create more brand or name awareness. This is probably true (if the gift is used or displayed). Candy, being a consumable, won't have that long-term benefit but can be very attention getting in the short run. How do you get the advertising benefit? First, choose a quality candy gift - gourmet chocolates like those from Godiva come to mind as a possibility; avoid cheap or low quality candy. Second, be sure to include an attractive card with your business name as well as your own; most recipients will display the card with the candy.

Logo Chocolates as Corporate Gift Ideas. If you are going to need a larger number of business gifts, consider having your company logo cast in chocolate. This can be done in any size, ranging from bite-size chocolate logos to massive presentation chocolate bars that will feed an entire office. taking the chocolate logo approach gives you the best of both worlds - a sweet treat that builds your brand!


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