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Anniversary gift ideas are easy when you think of the most versatile kind of gift - candy, and in particlar, Chocolate Gifts! Forget paper, textiles, small appliances, and all the traditional anniversary gifts - who could resist a box of Godiva chocolates or perhaps some chocolate truffles? And don't forget that a special celebration calls for a unique party attraction - like a chocolate fountain!

A Brief History of Anniversaries from Candy Gift Ideas. Compared to our research on other days of celebration, like birthdays, anniversary origins were difficult to track down. Why is this? Our guess is that anniversary celebrations date back to the beginning of calendars. As soon as one could identify a date of an event, particularly a ceremonial marriage, it was a natural step to commemorate that same date in subsequent years. Even ancient peoples needed an excuse to party!

Today, anniversaries are celebrated almost universally. By far the most common celebration is the wedding anniversary, celebrated annually on the same date as the original ceremony. In the United States, the practice of anniversary gifts has particular customs - paper gifts for the first anniversary, silver gifts for the twenty-fifth, and so on. But, if you want to break from tradition a bit, what better gift idea is there than candy? And not just any candy, but delicicious chocolate gifts? Not only are lollies appropriate for all, you won't break the bank if it's "diamond" or "gold" year!

Chocolate Gift Idea for Anniversaries. Want to surprise friends or relatives on their anniversary? Want a gift idea that will work for any year anniversary, without worrying about the old-fashioned guidelines? At Candy Gift Ideas, we suggest you give a gift that will be enjoyed by the recipients and shared with their friends - yummy gourmet chocolates!

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