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Valentine's Day Chocolates

If there's a special day for giving chocolates, it's certainly Valentine's Day! Stores fill with heart-shaped boxes in anticipation of the Valentine rush of last minute shoppers.

Valentine's Day chocolates have a long tradition. It was first officially declared a holiday in 498 AD, making it one of our longest-standing traditions. Later, it became associated with romance.

In the 1700s, the giving of Valentine Day gifts became commonplace, followed a century later by mass produced cards. It isn't clear exactly when chocolate valentines became popular, but it was probably at the same time that chocolate moved from being a luxury for the wealthy to being a sweet treat for the masses.

Chocolates for Valentine's day remain the most popular gift idea for that holiday. Chocolate is cheaper than jewelry but, if it is of high quality chocolate still has the connotation of elegance. We'd suggest chocolate truffles or chocolate by Godiva to make a great impression. Also appropriate would be Swiss chocolate or another type of gourmet chocolate - always the perfect gift idea.


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