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Girlfriend Gift - Stylish Chocolate

Choco Choco House’s has announced a line of delicious chocolate accessories that combine chocolate and fashion. They are designed to be the perfect girlfriend gift!

Choco Choco claims the new chocolate product line is runway-inspired, starting with their Choco Choco Handbags. These unique chocolate truffles come in such fashionable flavors as Champagne, Grand Marnier and Cappuccino.

These chocolate treats, inspired by actual designer handbags, are almost too beautiful to eat, but with their unusually tempting flavors they definitely won’t last. The popular Pravda Handbag, a nod to the House of Prada (and apparently the Moscow newspaper), is covered in rosy-pink crocodile and adorned with an edible candy pearl clasp. Made with milk chocolate, the ganache is flavored with Stoli Russian vodka.

The chocolate handbag truffles are approximately 1.5-inches long, 1-inch high and .75-inches deep.

Oprah Winfrey praised Choco’s treats, and commented "By far the most ladylike chocolates I've ever seen. These charming little candies are handmade and delectable. Now, if only there were shoes to match!"

Choco Choco House took Oprah's suggestion to heart and created another fashionable chocolate treat, Loli-shoes “Femme Collection”. These faux footwear are delicious chocolate stilettos on a stick.

One popular variety is the Showgirl Shoe - it is painted with pink chocolate flames and sugared sequins.

All of Choco’s confections are made by hand using the freshest ingredients, including French and Belgian Chocolate. The full collection can be seen at Choco Choco House.


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