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New "Single Origin" Chocolate Bars

New gourmet chocolate is named for its country, features vintage year

Boulder, CO. Chocolove is introducing Chocolatour, a new line of single origin, vintage chocolate bars. Each Chocolatour flavor is named after the country the chocolate comes from, and declares the year the cocoa beans were harvested. Current flavors are Sao Tome dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content, Grenada dark chocolate (60%),and Java milk chocolate (33%). Only 5,000 bars of each flavor were produced in 2004.

Chocolove claims that a Chocolatour is like tasting a bottle of fine wine. If you taste carefully, they say, you'll be able to taste something of the country and the weather.

Because Chocolatour doesn't blend cocoa beans and the quality of the cocoa bean in a particular country may vary from year to year, Chocolatour is made in limited runs and some countries may be available only once in a few years.

"The 2004 production offers the consumer a rare chance to taste an aged and tempered chocolate. Cocoa beans for the 2004 Chocolatour bars were harvested and made into chocolate in 1999," said Timothy Moley, owner. Moley explained that the chocolate was aged first, then melted, tempered and made into bars in 2004. The aging softens any bitter flavors, and the tempering makes each bar shine.

"Single origin chocolate bars are a growing trend among chocolatiers, and the prices for such bars tend to be pretty high," Moley says. In contrast, Moley expects the Chocolatour to retail for under $3.50 a bar.

To emphasize the product's global origin, the Chocolatour wrapper is designed to look like a map on the front and a postcard on the back. Each bar is uniquely numbered. With the relatively tiny production, products will be available in selected gourmet candy shops and grocers, or direct from Chocolove.

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