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If you think chocolates are something that you buy at the candy counter at a convenience store, you clearly aren't tuned into gourmet chocolates. These delicacies raise the art of candy making to an entirely new level.

Although chocolate was a "new world" food item, from the time of Christopher Columbus it was brought back to Europe to create highly prized confections. It's little surprise that gourmet chocolates are almost synonyomous with fine European chocolates from Belgium, France, Switzerland, and other nations.

What makes a "gourmet chocolate"? While there's no single standard, certainly one of the first requirement is the use of the finest quality ingredients. Using the best cacao beans is a good start - many of the finest gourmet chocolates use Criollo or Trinatario cacao beans. Cheaper chocolates often use the much more common Forastero beans, which make up nearly 80+% of global cacao production!

Using authentic flavorings, like real vanilla, instead of artificial substitutes is also important.

Another way to identify gourmet chocolates is their cacao percentage - makers of finer brands usually list their cacao percentage. True gourmet chocolates have higher cacao content and lower sugar content; cheaper blends use more sugar to provide a sweet taste without as much real chocolate flavor.

Of course, like all gourmet items, the best chocolates depend on great recipes and preparation. Properly roasted cacao beans, expertly blended ingredients, and the final preparation and presentation make the difference. When it all comes together, though, the taste sensation is outstanding. Gourmet brands like Godiva Chocolates set the standard by which other chocolate is measured..


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