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Although one thinks of Valentine's Day chocolates as being the biggest selling season, Easter chocolates are actually more popular.

chocolate easter bunnyOne reason that Easter is the biggest chocolate buying season is the type of products that are sold. While other holidays tend to focus on small, fancy, boxed chocolates, Easter treats include massive chocolate rabbits, solid eggs, and other forms that can weigh a lot.

Chocolate rabbits are surely the heavyweight of Easter gifts - over sixty million chocolate bunnies are produced every year. These range from bite-size bunnies to multi-pound, larger-than-life behemoths that could last for years.

Running a close second to bunnies are chocolate eggs. Eggs have traditionally been part of Easter, so it's natural that the chocolate Easter egg would evolve into a new tradition. Reportedly, the largest chocolate egg ever created was almost 18 feet tall and weighed well over two tons.

Chocolate eggs and bunnies come in hollow and solid varieties; eggs often have a different filling, like cream, maple, peanut butter, etc.

Of course, discriminating buyers shopping for Easter chocolates still choose fancy items like chocolate truffles, items by Godiva, or other gourmet chocolates.


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