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Although milk chocolate is the most popular kind, dark chocolate is perceived as being more of a luxury. Milk chocolate is often consumed plain in the form of a candy bar, and its sweeter, smoother flavor appeals to both children and adults. Dark chocolate, by contrast, is perhaps like fine wine - its taste needs to be acquired, but ultimately it appeals to more sophisticated palates.

Bakers and gourmet chefs prefer dark chocolate for several reasons. It is high in cocoa butter and doesn't have the milk solids found in milk chocolate, which gives it a smooth gloss in recipes. In addition, dark chocolate has less sweetness and a more pronounced flavor, which lends itself to use with sweeter substances where the dark chocolate can provide a taste and texture contrast.

A relatively new development is the "super dark" chocolate, which may contain from 60% to 90% cocoa solids. These are generally intended for use in recipes, as dips, etc. as opposed to eating as candy.

Another new development is on the health front: dark chocolate is thought to be actually good for your health, according to a report by the BBC. Some scientists believe that dark chocolate has important anti-oxidant properties and can actually defend against certain types of illness.

So, when you are looking for a chocolate gift idea, keep dark chocolate in mind - not only will it appeal to sophisticated sweet lovers, it may also prolong their lives! Godiva and many other chocolatiers produce a huge assortment of dark confections for every taste!


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