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If there's a single chocolate gift that stands for elegance and the pinnacle of the confectioner's art, it is certainly the chocolate truffle. Be assured that this isn't the kind of fungus one hears about pigs snuffling for - rather, these truffles are decadent candy confections that are perfect for gifts or just treating yourself.

What is a chocolate truffle? Simply put, a truffle is a confection with a soft, creamy center and a crisp chocolate coating. The center is made from a ball of ganache, a mixture of melted chocolate and cream. The coating is made from tempered chocolate, which is chocolate that has been melted twice to give it the characteristic crunch when you bite into the truffle. Liqueurs and other flavorings can be added to the ganache, while nuts or sugars may be used to enhance the coating.

Home-made chocolate truffles may vary from the above forumula by substituting a chocolate and frosting mix for the ganache and simply rolling the ball in a coating of nuts, jimmies, or powdered sugar.

The finest gourmet truffles, though, use the best traditional ingredients to create a creamy, smooth, flavored center surrounded by a crisp chocolate shell. Many chocolatiers (like Godiva Chocolates) and makers of Swiss chocolates have their own unique truffle recipes and varieties.

When you are shopping for gourmet chocolates, the truffle is a great starting point as well as the perfect end point!



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