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chocolate fountainFew chocolate ideas are as inspiring for chocoholics as a fountain of the smooth, sweet liquid. Just imagine a fountain of pure chocolate, forming an elegant, multi-layered cascade. The fountain is both beatiful and practical.

What's practical about the fountain concept? It is perfect for easily dipping and coating of bite-sized treats, like strawberries or pieces of cake. Think fondue, with less chance of losing the dipped item in a bubbling pot.

Today, chocolate fountains are popular at weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. To get an idea of what one looks like, check the chocolate fountain page at Wikipedia.

Most fountains used to flow chocolate are rented rather than purchased. Fountains are available from a variety of specialty and general rental agencies, and chocolate fountains can be expected to be seen more and more often. Sometimes dark chocolate is used but the lighter milk variety is more common - it's up to the taste of the chocolate lovers planning the event.

So, if you are a lover of gourmet chocolate, check out a fountain near you, put your favorite dipping item on a skewer, and enjoy!


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